Spooky Seven Layer Dip





Introduction: Spooky Seven Layer Dip

Delight your guests with this unexpectedly spooky seven layer dip.  The best part about this recipe is that you can use almost entirely pre-packaged ingredients, and completely customize it with your favorite ingredients.  Tortillas cut into spooky shapes like tombstones and haunted trees provide extra ambiance and fun dipping chips.

Here are the layers I used, from bottom to top:
  1. 1x can refried beans
  2. 1x 8oz package shredded cheese
  3. 8oz cooked hamburger or ground turkey
  4. 1x 8oz package cream cheese
  5. 1x 8oz jar salsa
  6. 1x 8oz tub guacamole
  7. shredded lettuce
Toast cut tortillas in oven until crisp.  Use to decorate dip.  Add chopped olives in front of tombstones to resemble freshly dug graves.

Dig in!

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    Oh I love this so much! It is like an edible sculpture, nice job as always!

    I agree, the layer picture is brilliant!

    I love 7 layer dip...just so good!
    Thanks for sharing this at this time of the year too! Off to the store!

    Wow! I love how the lighting casts those shadows and how you showed the layers in one picture like that, awesome!

    This is so amazing Scooch! You are so creative.

    That picture showing all the layers as you put them on is way awesome!

    Great pictures, that looks crazy cool!