I love spiders and their beautiful webs and do not often get to embrace that fun... until Halloween! This is a simple technique to make a giant spider nest.

Things you will need:
-Paper mache mix of choice (I used the cheap version - 1 part flour, 5 parts water, boil three minutes)
-A balloon (the bigger the balloon, the bigger the nest!)
-A piece of twine
-plastic spiders
-spider webbing
-black and white spray paint (optional!)

Step 1: Paper Mache

The first step is to blow up the balloon and tie it. Then, classic paper mache style, rip up strips of newspaper to dip in the paste. Apply the strips to the balloon. Repeat until completely covered except for where the tie is (I'm pinching it in the picture below). To help with hanging later, tie the twine into a loop and paste on some more newspaper strips to attach it. There are probably lots of ways to attach the twine, think about where you will hang it and experiment.
I reeeaaaallllly want to make one of these! I love it!
I hate spiders but still nice
O gosh this is so scarry...
this is soooo cool and I so hate those creepy 8 legged creatures from hell!!! but if I make this no one will see it as I live in the back part of town and no kids come to my door for candy. I think the old ladies around here scare them to much. LOLOL <br> <br>so i might save this for later and add it with my other project. <br>I am still making my trash bag spider dang it!
Sounds like a wonderful idea, and my son is having a party this halloween, know just where i can put it, Thanks so much...

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