Spooky Tortilla Chips

Picture of Spooky Tortilla Chips
It's almost Halloween and Halloween Party time!  If you're like me, you have a bunch of cookie cutters but you never make cut out cookies.   These chips are an easy way to use those cookie cutters and make some chips that really stand out.  These little ghosts and bats are an excellent way to enjoy your favorite dip, and are delicious all on their own.  All you need are some flour tortillas, cooking spray and some garlic salt and you're ready to begin!
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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
Flour tortillas
Cooking Spray
Garlic Salt

Step 2: Cut out your favorite shapes

Picture of Cut out your favorite shapes
I layered two tortillas on top of each other to make it go quicker.  Two burrito sized tortillas make enough ghosts and bat to fit on one half sheet pan. 

As you cut out each shape, place it on a silpat mat lined tray for easy clean up, or you can use parchment paper.

Don't forget to save those scraps, they're just as delicious as chips too.

Step 3: Spray and season

Picture of Spray and season
Lightly mist your chips and sprinkle with seasoning.  You don't have to put a lot of seasoning on to make these delicious.

Step 4: Bake at 350

Picture of Bake at 350
Bake at 350 for a total of 15-17 minutes.  You will need to turn them mid cooking, and you may wish to spray again and add more seasoning.  I made a second batch and it was fine to skip this step but they do turn out a bit more delicious with seasoning on both sides.

I baked for 7 minutes and then 7 minutes again.  They looked a little pale so I added 3 minutes.   I think they got a wee bit brown so I'm guessing a perfect time is somewhere between 15-17 minutes.
degroof1 year ago
Great idea! I just tried this with dinosaur cookie cutters.
RollerScrapper (author)  degroof1 year ago
Cool! I might make them for a Christmas party too!
kyluddy1 year ago
I will!!! :)
kyluddy1 year ago
Great idea!
RollerScrapper (author)  kyluddy1 year ago
Thank you! I hope you will give it a try!