Spooky Treats!





Introduction: Spooky Treats!

I am a self-taught decorator/baker, and I absolutely love Halloween and spooky things. So I combined the two and had a lot of fun creating these creepy confections! I also made some fall/harvest-themed items.



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    Your work is so clean and beautiful. The autumn leave cookies are amazing. Next time take a bite out of one for the photo - hehehe we aren't ordering them we want to EAT them. Your scull cookies are fantastic. Some of the best I've seen and I live in SF and have gone to Day of the Dead in the Mission.

    Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm currently working on a website where I will put all of my cake/cookie photos, so if you're interested, I can send you the link upon completion. And next time I go to SF, I'll bring you a cookie!

    do you have that link up yet?! i was also going to say that you have perfect lines. i'm jealous. i can't draw a straight line on paper if i wanted to. lol!

    Yes please DO send me a link. I'm always looking for inspiration. And your photos are "Eye Candy" too.