I am a self-taught decorator/baker, and I absolutely love Halloween and spooky things. So I combined the two and had a lot of fun creating these creepy confections! I also made some fall/harvest-themed items.
SFHandyman6 years ago
Your work is so clean and beautiful. The autumn leave cookies are amazing. Next time take a bite out of one for the photo - hehehe we aren't ordering them we want to EAT them. Your scull cookies are fantastic. Some of the best I've seen and I live in SF and have gone to Day of the Dead in the Mission.
oneprimalscream (author)  SFHandyman6 years ago
Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm currently working on a website where I will put all of my cake/cookie photos, so if you're interested, I can send you the link upon completion. And next time I go to SF, I'll bring you a cookie!
do you have that link up yet?! i was also going to say that you have perfect lines. i'm jealous. i can't draw a straight line on paper if i wanted to. lol!
Yes please DO send me a link. I'm always looking for inspiration. And your photos are "Eye Candy" too.