Halloween is almost here. But you still have time to put together some really spooky decorations. One great kind of decoration is the window silhouette. To make these, all you have to do set up a monster cutout in your window. This blocks some of the light behind it and casts a spooky shadow. You can even add eyes that follow a person as they walk by.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Here is a video walkthrough of the project.

<p>I found an even simpler way of getting a similar end result. Hit the dollar store for some cardboard skeletons and spooky characters. I had some blank newsprint type paper on hand. I had perfect small, square windows where I fit the skeletons cut to size and backed them with the newsprint. Spooky during the day and at night. Photos from inside the house and outside at night (upper right window).</p>
What a smart design! Glad I found this just in time for Halloween!
<p>The eye trick is great. I've always wondered how to do that. thanks.</p>
<p>who is that artist? i remember those images from sandman.</p>
I don't actually know. I just did an image search for creepy silhouettes.
<p>I made a silhouette yesterday for the upstairs window. I used a red LED bulb in an unused lamp and a cheap white sheer curtain for the backdrop. I plugged the lamp into a timer. I works very well. Instead of cardboard, I used rosin paper that I had in the garage. Cut with scissors and painted it black. Thanks for a great instructable.</p>
<p>Cool. I am glad that you liked it enough to make one.</p>
<p>Very cool: I found this just in time! Thanks so much for sharing!</p>
nice and easy tutorial n.n<br>i love the follow me eyes ... i never figure out it was so easy
<p>Found this yesterday. Went home &amp; made it! So easy &amp; I love the way it came out. Great idea, thank you for sharing!! I did it a bit differently. I used a paper box top &amp; left the side/edge of the box for some support. Went to the store &amp; picked up a mini battery operated LED strink of lights &amp; taped it to the back of the cut out. </p>
Awesome! Thanks for sharing.
<p>the trick for the eye is awesome!</p>
Came on here today to become inspired. And you have certainly achieved this for me. What a simple way to spook up a lrg area too! <br>Thank you so much for the tutorial
<p>Those are awesome halloween decoration. I love how the eyes follow on the crow, really creepy... Is that Johnny I see as a silhouette in there? That with follow me eyes would definitely give me nightmares.</p>

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