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Introduction: Spooky Wolf Eyes

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Just in time for Halloween! This is easy to make and should look cool tonight. These are animal eyes that you stick in the bushes along the road, and at night car headlights make them look like an evil predator is waiting for little children to come along.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


Coat hanger,  some 3M reflective tape,  wire cutters, and scissors

Step 2: Make the Wire

Cut coathanger and bend into an L shape

Step 3: Cut Out Eyes

Cut out eye shapes from the reflective tape

Step 4: Stick 'em On

Peel and stick the eyes on the wire. Use the paper backing to secure the back.

Step 5: Go Get Spooky!

Finished! Now sneak out and stick it in the dirt behind some bushes along the road. Drive by later to see how spooky it looks!    

You can also make this two-sided for double spookiness!    



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    What a real easy, real great effect on a dime. love it! ( just use some flat black paint to stop the wire's shine )

    Great instructable! But where can you get the reluctant tape

    I love it! And I don't need an electronics degree to make them.

    Thanks i will try to do it for halloween...and how you make the lights?

    it's from a flashlight or a car driving by

    I saw this Instructable the DAY after Halloween last year and COULD NOT WAIT to do it this year, I have 4 made, and I WILL BE MAKING at lease a dozen more.


    the red sox are not dead my friend