Step 3: Cut out eyes

Cut out eye shapes from the reflective tape
What a real easy, real great effect on a dime. love it! ( just use some flat black paint to stop the wire's shine )
Great instructable! But where can you get the reluctant tape
I love it! And I don't need an electronics degree to make them.
Thanks i will try to do it for halloween...and how you make the lights?
it's from a flashlight or a car driving by
gonna make some of these and put them in bushes <br>
I saw this Instructable the DAY after Halloween last year and COULD NOT WAIT to do it this year, I have 4 made, and I WILL BE MAKING at lease a dozen more.<br> <br> <br>
<p>the red sox are not dead my friend</p>
SWEET!&nbsp; This is perfect!
spooky!<br />
Sweet!&nbsp; You should swap that in as the main image.<br /> I love how easy this is.<br />
to sick !&nbsp;!&nbsp; If I have time to get to the store b4 the ghouls and gobins start wandering I'll make some up, otherwise...into the favorites 4 next yr
That would look pretty creepy if you saw that when driving by.<br />

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