This table was made with a cable spool, fence boards, palette wood and some old trim given to me by the White Settlement Senior Center (where i volunteer regularly). I made this with only some rudimentary tools, My cat's supervision, quite a few yrs of carpentry experience , and a whole lot of background in the concept of "necessity is the mother of invention". I am well aware that there are dozens of easier ways to do a lot of the steps.. but at this point in time i find myself a bit tool disadvantaged, although my need to create still remains at the same steady hum. Since this was made with salvaged materials, this instructable is meant as a tool to furnish (see what i did there?) other users with creative ideas, and a few tips that someone without a carpentry background might not have.

Step 1: Assess Your Materials (aka My Salvaged Wood Pile Has Grown Too Large..time to Create Before My Husband Loses His Patience...)

i have a vice.. well i have a few.. bacon is up there, but collecting random pieces of wood is probably one of the worst ones. luckily we have a large yard even though our house is tiny (700 sq ft for 2 bedrooms). Once my wood pile gets big enough.. I take stock and make something (anything!) before my husband draws a line. lol. I have been fortunate.. he may not always see my vision as it unfolds.. but after a few completed projects.. he now just sits back and waits.. and has faith in me..its an amazing thing..and I consider myself lucky. On the other hand.. my cat.. doesn't possess the same faith.. she feels the need to oversee everything I do..

Great project and I love the way you write your instructables and the humor you bring to them!
<p>thanks! that was a really nice thing to hear. You made my day!</p>
<p>No problem! You deserve WAY more views on your Instructables! And I absolutely love your bio!!!!</p>
<p>lol.. thanks again! I just started posting in october, so I guess with time I will get more views coming, but thanks for the encouragement! I suspect there is stuff I could do to encourage that also (like following more people etc.. but I usually have so much going on it's hard to find the time (i have the pictures for I think 14 more instructables uploaded.. just need to find the time to write them!)</p>
<p>Yeah I have 9 Instructables waiting to be posted! Just need to find the time between school and sports to actually write them!</p>

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