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I sew a lot and when I am switching threads, I hate it to search for the right one for ever! So I looked for a way to organize my thread rolls. (Un)fortunately I could not find anything useful to buy, so I decided to make one on my own. It was surprisingly easy to make:

You need:
  • A wooden board
  • 3-5 small wooden rods (5 mm diameter)
  • Dim black spray color
  • Hole driller
  • Small saw

Take a wooden board, the size of it depends on the amount of spools you have. Mine is approximately 20 x 35 cm. I just took a board from the "wood left overs section" in the diy store. Then count how many spools fit on the board. For mine I estimated a radius of approximately 3 cm for each spool, so I could fit 6 x 13 (= 78) spools onto the board. 

Cut the rods in 78 pieces each with 7 cm length. Then, drill 78 holes in regular distance into the board. I drilled approximately 5-7 mm deep. Make sure the diameter of the holes fits exactly the diameter of the sticks, so you don't need a lot of glue to "anker" the rods in the bord. 

After that, put a tiny droplet of glue into each hole and put the sticks inside. Let it dry overnight. Spray the whole arrangement with any desired color and let it dry! I chose black, because then, the thread colors look really bright!

Enjoy your well structured spools! :)


jessyratfink (author)2013-01-27

This is a great looking spool organizer. Love the black against all the pretty colors. :D

Nozebra (author)jessyratfink2013-01-28

Thanks for your comment! Nice ears, btw :).

rimar2000 (author)2013-01-26

I should make one for my wife. Her spools are all entangled.

Nozebra (author)rimar20002013-01-26

:) I know that problem so well :).

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