I made these chocolate cookies and cream (Oreo) cake pops to look like spools of thread for a Vintage Sewing-Themed Kids Birthday Party. You can see photos of the party HERE and find many more recipes, photos, and tutorials on my blog, 6 Bittersweets.

Step 1:

Makes about 20 to 23 lollipops

I strongly recommend making your own cake and frosting from scratch as it allows you to control the sweetness of the pops much more. The cookies and cream filling I used for these pops can be found on my blog. You may even want to reduce the amount of sugar from your usual cake since the candy coating will be quite sweet. Please don't be intimidated by my recipe. Its long length is mostly due to the inclusion of detailed notes/tips to make the process go as smoothly as possible. Store-bought fondant can be substituted for the marshmallow fondant, but marshmallow fondant tastes much much better (pretty much like what you'd imagine from its ingredients).

Marshmallow Fondant (Recipe at the end in the last step)
Powdered sugar, for rolling fondant
Round cookie cutter (1 1/2-inches wide)
8 or 9-inch cake layer [in a flavor of your choosing]
1/4 to 3/4 cups frosting [in a flavor of your choosing]
1 lb. 2 oz. candy melts OR white chocolate chips/bark
1 1/2 Tbsp trans fat-free shortening [such as Spectrum or Earth Balance]
Canola or vegetable oil, as needed to thin candy coating
About 21 to 24 paper lollipop sticks (I use 4-inch/10-cm sticks)
Oil-based candy coloring or powder food coloring, optional
What a cool idea!
These are adorable!
Thanks =D!
Fantastic! I cannot wait to see more :D
These are adorable!!! A teacher I worked with is retiring and we were going to throw her a bash this summer, she LOVE to sew, I'm so going to give these a try! Well done!
Thanks! I'm so glad this idea matched well with her interests. I really admire teachers and only wish they got more recognition and love. Hope you try these and she enjoys them. Feel free to message me if you have ANY questions at all. Cheers! XL
Oh wow, these are amazing, can't wait to see more!
Many thanks!
That is an amazing cake pop! It looks so much like a spool of thread, it is just crazy!
Thanks! =D

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