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I made these pendants from the leftovers from my Pocket Spoknork project. The smaller one is made from the cut-offs from the spoon handle, and the larger one, the fork. I drilled 2 holes in the ex-fork handle, one at each end. I put a small piece of brass pin in the hole at the wider end. I looped a keyring through the other hole, making this a handy key fob. By using various grits of sandpaper, I achieved a "brushed" finish, much more practical than the original mirror polish. The process was the same for the one-time spoon handle, with one exception--I didn't drill a second hole for the pin. Not bad for 40 minutes work.


zazenergy (author)2011-10-20

those look great!

black hole (author)zazenergy2011-10-20


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