Picture of Spoon Key Chain
This is just something that anyone can make if you ever need a place to keep your keys.

Step 1: Items

You will need
1-a spoon, preferably one that you can spare.
2-a hammer.
3-a drill.
4-and a drill bit of your choosing.
Breckrider6 years ago
Why not bend the handle over to form a clip similar to a money clip? That way you could slip it over your waste band or the edge of your pocket?
FabledFox (author)  Breckrider6 years ago
i guess because it might fall out unless its all the way in your pocket. but if you want to you can
How do you separate the handle from the spoon>
FabledFox (author)  mrtentaclenun6 years ago
sorry... i know i missed something. you just bend the handle at the desired point and then bend it the other way, over and over again until it snaps. If it is sharp at the broken point just get a file and smooth it out.