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I realized a few weeks ago that it had been a long while since I had done anything creative, I've been so wrapped up in math and engineering crap for school. I got an itch to make something and decided to make a couple of spoons for two friends of mine, then I just kept making! These are made from a 2x3 maple board from the hardware store and finished with coconut oil and beeswax. The markings are kolrosing, a very old Scandinavian technique for adding decoration to carved pieces. It's basically a tattoo in the wood. The text inscription on the spoon is elder futhark (again, a very old Scandinavian alphabet) and reads "amazeballs," phoneticized as nearly as I could get. 

There are already several spoon carving guides around here so this will just be a photo gallery to show off my work, but if there's any interest in kolrosing i could do an instructable on that, just ask!



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    Thanks to the voters and judges for second place in the Manly Crafts contest!

    this is absolutely amazing! i've tried my hand at spons before but nothing I've made could even be compared to this :D i voted :)

    Thank you evilplankton! Having a spoon knife really helps a lot, I use one made by Flexcut. They're affordable American-made carving tools.

    i just said it was cool i didn't ask for your life story! I'M OFFICIALLY REMOVING MY VOTE! HA!!!

    I've made a few like this, and it never feels finished til you put those checkered lines on. Good job Hal

    Thanks! and yes, the kolrosing/detailing really adds a lot!