Introduction: Spoon Man

Today I'll show you how to build the spoon man.

If you need a fancy holder for your smartphone or something else, this is just the right thing.
All you need is a little bit cutlery (large and small spoons), 2 small screws and a few tools.

WATCH the tutorial on YouTube : How to build a spoon man !

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Step 1: You Need:

Picture of You Need:

- 3 big spoons

- 2 small spoons

- 2 little bolts (M4 or M5)

- 2 nuts for the bolts

- drill (for the holes / size of the bolts)

Step 2: Spoons

Picture of Spoons

Take the spoons and put the same sizes together.....2 small ones together....and the 3 big ones together....

Step 3: Bore the Big Ones

Picture of Bore the Big Ones

Bore through the big you can see at the pics.

Pad use voluntarily !

ATTENTION : One of the 3 get two holes....( SEE: last three photos of these step)

Step 4: Bore the Small Ones

Picture of Bore the Small Ones

Bore through the small you can see at the pics.
Pad use voluntarily !

Step 5: Put the Big Ones Together

Picture of Put the Big Ones Together

Put the 3 big ones togehter.....with one bolt and one nut, as you can see one the photos.

ATTENTION: The big one with the 2 holes on the TOP !

....when you are ready, pull them apart, that it looks like a " Y " ....the one with the 2 holes is the single !

Step 6: The Little Ones

Picture of The Little Ones

Turn the big ones ( Y ) around.

Take the 2 small ones, one bolt and one nut and attach it to the upper hole.

Step 7: Spoon Bend

Picture of Spoon Bend

Bend it as you can see at the pics....


Picture of LET'S GO, SPOON MAN !


You can stand him now and bend him towards how you need it.

If my guide was NOT easy to understand, watch the Video (on TOP).


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