Prise: 1 -5 Dollar || Time: 15min - 1h || Difficulty: Easy

In this tutorial we are going to go true the steps for how to make a spoon ring!

You will need:

  • A Silver spoon
  • Mandrel
  • Rubber/Plastic Hammer
  • Wooden Block
  • Polish disk, Polish and a screwdriver.

Make sure that your spoon does not contain any nickel!

In this tutorial I am using spoons that is not made out of silver. Instead I using spoons that where "softer"/easy to bend for the propose of training. If you have a spoon that you still want to use and is not made out of silver, you can use clear spray paint to protect your skin from the metal.

Step 1: Watch This First!

Here is a instruction video I made! :) Make sure to watch this first, and you can understand more exactly how I uses the tools when crafting this ring.

If you can not watch the video true the "picture frame", then you can follow this link instead!


<p>i cannot find any sterling silver spoons in my home town and i desperately want to make one for someone special to me</p>
This was a good tutorial, the only problems I encountered were stupid things I did. I cut the spoon before bending and it made bending the handle really difficult. I plan to find some more old spoons and make more of these.
<p>Is it not a fun project?! :) Your ring did end up really nice too!</p>
Yeah I ended up using a mettle pipe and it worked! Thanks
<p>Great! Hope your happy with your new ring</p>
Say I don't have a mandrel, can I just use a mettle pipe?
Yeah! Or even a piece of round wood would work. Just make sure it&acute;s the same size as your finger :)

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