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Introduction: Spoon Ring

The local flea market. Raleigh, NC. A place of wonder. Intuition. But most of all, a place to find old crap! A guy was selling some spoons so I picked one up, already having in mind how I would make it into a ring. I only got one, which is risky but it came out looking great. All you will need is a spoon, form, mallet, hack saw, a file, and a pair of vise grips.

Step 1: Cut Out Blank

Start by cutting off the bowl of the spoon. This can be made into a nice silver pendant or something like that. Next, cut the handle to a length you want. File down the cut end to your liking.

Step 2: Hold Down the Fort!

Grip the blank with the vise. Place some towels in between so you don't put marks on the final product.
Then, find a socket that is the size of the ring you want. You may use your ring mandrel, but like I found, it is difficult to hold it in the correct orientation. Put your socket in the vise and clamp it down tight!

Step 3: Hammer Time!

Hammer the end down, and keep on tapping. As you hammer, slide the hammer closer to the vise grips. when you have it almost done, remove the grip and place it on the already bennt side and continue.

Step 4: Sickkkkk

Give it to your girlfriend. Mom. Sister. Friend. It's a cheap an interesting gift also! You may choose to leave the patina on or buff it out.



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You can use the handle of the fork for a ring but with a fork with a longer handle, don't saw the tines off and make it into a bangle bracelet. You can bend the tines to make an interesting finish to the piece.

would something like this but with less of a pattern suit men?

Made mine out of the heavier handle of a silver serving spoon. Have to keep annealing it and pound with a mallet but it's possible. I've gotten several compliments on mine.

Does this work on Silver-Plated spoons? mine is extremely difficult to bend, I've used heat, and nothing seems to be working

this was also hard to bend, just push through it and keep hammering.

Are you sure you invented this because, I seen this all over instructable and youtube.