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here's how to make spoon rings. I've searched the site and cant find an instructable on how to make them, so i thought i would put one up. and sorry about the bad photos, i ain't too good with macro shots

Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need



Socket wrench the same size around as your finger

Wire cutters/tin snips

And of course

A spoon (or fork) with a decorative handle in a pattern of your choice
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CiaraF3 months ago

Can you do this on silver-plated wear? i have some beautiful spoons and forks that are silver-plated and they are extremely difficult to bend, scared of snapping them, I have tried heating gently with a blow torch, any ideas?

aclanclan4 months ago
I have a beautiful stainless steel spoon I wish to make into a toe ring for my big toe. Does this work for this as well? I have a ring sizer and all the mentioned tools. I would like a benchtop vise, to hold socket.
A better picture of the ring, and my fork elephant for the other half of the equation. Tools used for the elephant were tin snips, neddle nose pliers, a cordless drill, and a bench grinder for smoothing (sand paper or some such would work as well). Thanks again to Mr. Mountaineer.
It's been a while since you posted the pic of the fork elephant, Just wondering if you would consider doing an Instructable on how you did it. Wondering how you 'curled' the trunk. Thanks! Helen
mr.mountaineer (author)  MissouriVillian2 years ago
AWESOME! cant say as I've ever seen a fork elephant before.
Etsy has a plethora of ideas, the forktopus is next on my list.
bdempsey12 years ago
Use the leftover spoon part to make an archer's thumb ring. :)
Or a fishing spoon
chase326152 years ago
This is awesome, i'm gonna make one for my girlfriend.
Video20122 years ago
Well done my crafty man! I have a silver fork wind chime that we really do not like the sound of, its just too noisy. So, I will give this a try, sounds like fun!
I saw the title "Spoon Rings" and immediately thought of a very particular set of spoons I inherited when my granny passed away. To my surprise, your instructable uses the exact same pattern spoon! What are the odds? Just wanted to share my little moment that brought a smile to my face. Thanks for that.
mr.mountaineer (author)  verajennifer2 years ago
I'm glad you liked it! and ironically, that is the same way i got my spoons. my aunt knew i made jewelry, so when my pappy passed away last year, she let me take all of the silverware i wanted. and by the way, welcome to instructables!
Pat_Maroney2 years ago
I have to thank you for this idea and instructable. My grandmother is due to pass away very soon and many fond family memories are of home cooking at her house. I was recently told to think about any mementos I might want, but this instructable has me focused on only wanting enough silverware to make rings for myself, brother, sister and for my three cousins. For my mom and two aunts I plan to make bracelets from some forks. Thank you for this inspiration.
Thats awesome! please take pics..
Pat_Maroney2 years ago
The trouble I'm having is that my handle has a wavy pattern on both sides and creates spots of alternating thickness. It wants to bend easier on the thinner sections, so I'm having issues getting it to be nicely rounded. Also both ends of my piece don't want to mate up, one end just won't bend down to meet the other.
So, yeah... Blowtorch? Any other suggestions?
mr.mountaineer (author)  Pat_Maroney2 years ago
a torch would do it but i don't recommended using one (it severely discolors the metal, especially stainless steel) but don't worry about it not being perfectly round, Ive probably made a few dozen, and maybe five or six turned out reel good (in my opinion) so if it's not perfect, hey, so what, that just means its hand-made and your not a robot ;-)
tarakian2 years ago
If you have trouble bending the metal, try gently heating it with a torch. Be careful not to burn yourself or anyone or anything else. Gentle heat is the key, the torch can probably melt these softer metals pretty easily, especially silver.
mfairchild2 years ago
Yeah, this is nearly impossible for me. I got no strength to bend it *cries*
Awesome! I'm going to find an old silver spoon and make one. Yours turned out really pretty.
mr.mountaineer (author)  new_belleview2 years ago
zizzy12 years ago
Thank you so much for sharing!
mr.mountaineer (author)  zizzy12 years ago
Your welcome.
101342 years ago
Beautiful!!! I love it! :)
mr.mountaineer (author)  101342 years ago
Elvis Arg2 years ago
Very Nice!
mr.mountaineer (author)  Elvis Arg2 years ago
Thank You!
linrodann2 years ago
Ooh, it looks easier than I had imagined it would be. Thanks for posting!
mr.mountaineer (author)  linrodann2 years ago
no problem. thanks for looking.
Decided to do this one today and it didn't come out too bad for a first try. It will be tinkered on later though. Some of the questions people had are easier than they seem if you just hit your workbench and see what you have. I clipped the bowl with a pair of tin snips that only managed to score a line, the spoon handle broke pretty clean on the line after bending it back and forth though. The time was a bout 30-45 minutes like Mountaineer says it is. And if you have trouble getting it to bend try beating it into submission with the rubber mallet, worked wonders for me. If you do hammer on it use vice grips instead of pliers though for a better hold. A picture will follow when I get to a camera. Love the 'ible.
mr.mountaineer (author)  MissouriVillian2 years ago
thanks for the comment.
bobbiedelva3 years ago
Can you discuss in a little more detail the cutting portion. I have wire cutters and they are barely making a mark on a silver plated spoon.
I just use a zip cutter on my rotary tool (drimmel) it is faster and makes a cleaner cut.
kattynasco3 years ago
it looks proffesianal. you should definately sell these. who knows how much money you would make?!
mr.mountaineer (author)  kattynasco3 years ago
yes they do sell good and I get $8.50 a piece for them
WOW! that's great!! ive always wondered what it it would be like to sell my own creations...
love this project. i'm guessing you could heat the metal with a small torch and then form it.
thanks for sharing
mr.mountaineer (author)  dragonflydazd3 years ago
yes you can but you would likely damage it as I have tried it because it would make the metal much softer and would dent it.
Scully25693 years ago
I am not clear on how you bend the spoon around the socket.
mr.mountaineer (author)  Scully25693 years ago
You just wrap it around the socket which can be hard depending on the how thick the spoon handle is. sorry if this didn't help but I'm not sure how to explain it any better
hey scully just put a vice grip plier in the wide end of a large socket with the spoon/fork and roll the piece around the socket with a hammer or on a work bench until it touches the other end then cut off what isn't needed
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