Picture of Spoon Rings
here's how to make spoon rings. I've searched the site and cant find an instructable on how to make them, so i thought i would put one up. and sorry about the bad photos, i ain't too good with macro shots
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Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need



Socket wrench the same size around as your finger

Wire cutters/tin snips

And of course

A spoon (or fork) with a decorative handle in a pattern of your choice

Step 2: Cutting The Spoon

Picture of Cutting The Spoon
First, pick an existing ring that fits the finger you want the spoon ring to fit, alternatively, you could use a set of THESE, then find a socket  that is a snug fit around the inside of the ring, once you find the correct size socket, measure the circumference of it with a tape measure (the cloth type works best) and cut the handle to that length with the wire cutters/tin snips. use a file to round out the edges.

Step 3: Bending It

Picture of Bending It
This step can sometimes be hard, depending on the spoon being used.
first, take the spoon and lay it on the socket. use a piece of heave fabric to cover it to prevent scratches, and hold with pliers (see pictures) then slowly bend it around the socket. now carefully tap the end flush with the hammer (a rubber mallet works better. but i didn't have one at the time of writing this).

Step 4: Polish (Optional)

Picture of Polish (Optional)
If your spoon was like mine and old and dull you might want to polish it. there are a few ways to do it but i recommend a buffing wheel and a bench grinder. but a little elbow grease, a soft  cloth, brasso (tarn x if using a sterling silver spoon) and a LOT of time and patentance will work just fine. now stand back and admire your beautiful creation. if anything was unclear just leave a comment with your question and i'l do my best help you
mfairchild2 years ago
Yeah, this is nearly impossible for me. I got no strength to bend it *cries*
Scully25693 years ago
I am not clear on how you bend the spoon around the socket.