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This is a really easy and cheap slingshot to make. If you want me to make more instructables leave a comment 

Step 1:

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Things you need:
1. 2 spoons(i suggest metal)
2. 2 plastic spoons or pens 
3. Rubberbands
4.bottle cap
5.electrical tape ( i used duck tape because i didnt have any)
6. scissors
7. A piece of cloth

Step 2:

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Take 2 spoons and sandwich the bottle cap in between the bowl part.

Step 3:

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Take a piece of tape and wrap it around the sandwiched part.

Step 4:

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Bind a few rubber bands around it.

Step 5:

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Take two rubber bands and cut it.

Step 6:

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put 1 hole on each side of the pouch.

Step 7:

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take one rubber band and put into the hole. Do it for both sides.

Step 8:

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Now tie a knot for both sides.

Step 9:

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take two more rubber bands and sandwich it between the split rubber band. Tie a knot around it.

Step 10:

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Tie the rubber band at the tip of the slingshot.

Step 11:

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You should have something like this. See the left over on the knot take that and pull it over the spoon tip.

Step 12:

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you should have something like this.

Step 13:

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take two more spoons and snap off the handle.KEEP EVERYTHING.

Step 14:

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slide the handle into the rubber bands at both sides

Step 15:

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take the bowl thingy from the spoon and sandwich it like this,

Step 16:

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Take the rubber bands and bind it around a few times. Take different colors of electrical tape to decorate the handle and voilla you're done.

Step 17: Spoon SlingShot

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if you have any suggestions on what i should make next and questions leave a comment.

PS: not responsible for what you do with it


Isaiah Raphael (author)2016-11-12

I love it

AtomixWolf (author)2014-11-10

Thanks it's awesome

KeenanMacdaddy (author)2013-08-08

Yay i love that instictable cause u use things a averge person would have layin around

Thanks, That was what i was trying to go for.

ChaoticStudent (author)2013-06-22

Definitely, More coming soon.

Nothings more satyisfying then surviving a night and watching zombies burn under the hot sun right in front of you windows.~Steve (minecraft)

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