Picture of Sporting Bike Water Bottle Holder
This is a very cheap, very simple water bottle holder that can be placed on a bike to provide easy access to a drink of water on a long, summer ride. It only takes about ten minutes to make, and actually recycles things that probably would have otherwise been thrown away (namely the tape rolls and the ties).
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Step 1: Materialz

Picture of Materialz
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13, 7:37 PM.jpg
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You will need: Three (3) empty duct tape/packing tape rolls Packing tape Grey duct tape 12 Ties from produce section of grocery store (pssst its not stealing! Its permanently BORROWING! Jk. Maybe just save the ones from the fruits you buy)

Step 2: Tape

Picture of Tape
Tape the tape rolls together using packing tape. Try not to wrinkle it.

Step 3: Attach Ties

Picture of Attach Ties
13, 7:37 PM.jpg
Twist the ties firmly together (maybe even tie knots in them). Make four tie long strings. Tape them on the water bottle holder.

Step 4: Add Duct Tape

Picture of Add Duct Tape
13, 7:37 PM.jpg
Add duct tape of any color to make it look good.

Step 5: Bottom

Picture of Bottom
Add tape over bottom. Fold it over to avoid internal stickiness...

Step 6: Done!!!

Picture of Done!!!
Youre done! Enjoy! Attach to bike and insert bottle.