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Introduction: Sports Almanac - Back to the Future

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Today, I will show how to make a Sports Almanac from Back to the future. There is no sports statistics. It is only for display.

Step 1: Choose an Old Book

For the pages inside the Almanac, choose a book that you don't want anymore. It must be approximatively 22 cm for the height and 15 cm for the width.

Step 2: Remove the Cover

Remove the front cover and the back of the book. You just want to keep the pages (and the binding between all these pages)

Step 3: Print the Almanac Cover

With the height and width of the book, resize the cover of the almanac with Word or any other text/image editor. Print it on glossy paper.

Step 4: Cut, Fold and Glue

Cut the printed covers and fold them like the image above. Then, glue the back cover side under the front cover side.

Step 5: Adapt the Height

With an exacto, remove pages until you've reach the same height as the assemble Almanac cover.

Step 6: Glue the Sides

Once everything is complete, glue the side of the pages with the side of your printed cover.

Step 7: Result

An easy DIY project for everyone who like Back to the future. It cost nothing because I already had everything. Hope you enjoyed it, any comment is welcome.



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Nice job... Allan from Brazil


One day a young man or a crazy scientist might ask questions about this almanac , when it happens kill em both

Where do you get the digital art from?

Where do you get the digital art from?

Nice job, Didnt spot your Instructable and Ive just put one up lol

Great Mine ay ;)

1 reply

In the movie the almanac is a paperback book with a dustjacket. You dont need strip the cover off.

3 replies

That was before they invented dust repellent paper.

oh! sorry about that, didn't remember

This is awesome! Thank you for sharing.