I started with a hoodie sweatshirt. The plan is to use the extra material from the hood to make the collar. I will remove the zipper and replace it with a button. I thought about how to sew buttons on the sleeve and move the pockets so that they are slots and more professional, but I like the way this looks. I use several coats and hoodies, just pretend all the hoodies are the same one and all the coats are the same. i did it because i didnt want to cut up the nice hoodie until i was sure it would work.

Step 1: Background

I have been looking for templates and sewing patterns to make a sport coat or blazer for a few months with no success. I was curious how complicated it really is to make the coat and because there are no resources for sports coats I'll post my results here. I chose to make the collar a different material than the coat so it shows up better in pictures.
<p>Great, ingenious instructable. Love it.</p>
That was...wait for it...<br><br>...wait....for it...<br><br><br>AWESOME!<br><br>(damn I wish I could do that)<br><br>Thank you for sharing.
I like it. If I were making it I would remove the pockets completely and make the front close with buttons. That would give it a generally more coat-y look. that is just my preference though, great idea.

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