Step 2: The Separation

Okay Click on the select by color tool.

Now click on the first color you wish to separate.

Copy this selection (ctrl + C)

click paste (or ctrl + V)

in your layers you should see a "floating layer" right click it, and click New Layer

Viola! Your color is separated! Just repeat the process for all of your colors, and you should be able to separate colors like a master in no time.
<p>Perfect, thanks! Only you explained it so well. See my new profile pic:)</p>
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I don't understand... you want the vintage look, or the several colors?
several colors, i just have a hard time with gimp i'll give it another try
never mind i was getting screwed up with adding new layers. now im doing it differently and i can proudly say i can split the above design into the needed number of colors

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