By adding a Raspberry Pi (on card computer) in the battery place of the HK Go+Play Boombox you get a very mordern and useful gear!!! You get both a standalone Spotify player controlable  through a webinterface AND an Airplay client for 70-90$!!!

The HK Go+Play has an amasing clear and loud sound, but it lacks connectivity. It was made for an iPad back in time.
You can buy new ones for 250$ or used ones for half...

Raspberry Pi are a ARM powered one card computer that costs 30$ and only needs a USB connection for power and a SD card as "harddisk". You can download various Linux-images that can do almost everything. Here we are using a Linux assebly for only two purposes Spotify player and Airplay client. I will come back more to that later...

Here is my instruction!
It's sooo easy!
Let's try it! 

Step 1: Parts You Need!

Spotify Premium account.
1pcs Raspberry Pi Model A or B (Model A is cheaper and uses less USB power). 30$
1pcs SD 4Gb (the better SD card you use the quicker it boots). 8$
1pcs short USB to Micro USB cable. 3$
1psc USB WIFI dongle (check that it works with Raspberry Pi/Linux). 15$
1pcs 24V cigarette lighter USB converter. Note the 24V! Must Be 24V. 15$
1pcs Cigarette lighter contact for chassie assembly. 6$
1pcs 3.5mm female audio stereo connector for chassie assemby. 3$
1pcs 3.5mm male to male audio stereo cable 1 m. 3$
1pcs 3.5mm male male audio stereo connector - short angled. 3$
0.5 m 2 wire cable for power. 1$
0.5 m 3 wire cable for power. 1$

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