Spotify Tutorial


Introduction: Spotify Tutorial

Spotify is a music-sharing website designed to operate in conjunction with iTunes and Facebook. The following technical instructions document the process of downloading and installing Spotify, as well as utilizing the program to discover, listen to, and share music.

Basic proficiency in computer functions, including the ability to use Facebook, and iTunes are required to complete the tutorial. Necessary resources include a computer, a Facebook account, access to iTunes, and access to an Internet connection.

Step 1: Registering for Spotify

1) Visit the Spotify webpage:
    a. Open an Internet browser window on your computer desktop.
    b. In the address bar type:

2) Once the homepage has fully loaded, click on the green box labeled Sign Up , located in the upper right-hand corner of the webpage.
   a. See Figure 1
   b. The homepage will automatically redirect to a “Sign Up” webpage.

3) Select the blue box labeled Log in to Facebook .
   a. See Figure 2
   b. A pop-up window titled “Log In – Facebook” will appear.

4) Type in the corresponding information:
   a. In the space labeled “Email,” type the email address associated with your Facebook account.
   b. In the space labeled “Password,” type the password associated with your Facebook account.
   c. See Figure 3

5) Click the blue box labeled Log In located in the bottom right-hand corner of the window.
   a. Once logged in, the Spotify registration form will automatically be completed with your Facebook information. 

6) Click the blue box titled Register, located near the bottom of the “Sign Up” webpage.
   a. Once your account has been successfully created, you will automatically be redirected to a webpage titled "Account Successfully Created"   
          *Note: Spotify should automatically begin downloading prior to registering. If Spotify does not automatically download, see "Step 2: Downloading Spotify,"           otherwise, proceed to "Step 3: Accessing Spotify After Download."

Step 2: Downloading Spotify

For Macintosh operating systems, see section A: "Macintosh Download." For Windows operating systems, see section B: "Windows Download."
A. Macintosh Download:
1) Visit the Spotify webpage:
   a. Open an Internet browser window on your computer desktop.
   b. In the address bar type:

2) Select the appropriate download: 
   a. Scroll to the bottom of the Spotify homepage, and find the section titled "Quick Links."
   b. Under the header "Download," select Mac OS X.
   c. See Figure 1

3) The page will redirect to a download page. Click Download Now
   a. See Figure 2

4) Once the download is complete, select Spotify.dmg from the “Downloads” menu.
  a. See Figure 3
  b. A window titled “Spotify” will appear.

5) In the window titled “Spotify,” use the cursor to drag the green Spotify icon to the blue Applications folder icon.
   a. See Figure 4
   b. A window titled “Copy” with a loading bar will appear; once the copy is complete Spotify will have been successfully installed.

B. Windows Download.
1) Visit the Spotify webpage:
   a. Open an Internet browser window on your computer desktop.
   b. In the address bar type:

2) Select the appropriate download: 
   a. Scroll to the bottom of the Spotify homepage, and find the section titled "Quick Links."
   b. Under the header "Download," select Windows .
   c. See Figure 1

3) The page will redirect to a download page. Click Download Now
   a. See Figure 2

4) Spotify Installation:
  a. Click on the Spotify Installer when it has finished loading.
  b. Click Install when the option appears.
  c. Allow the download to complete.
  c. See Figure 5



Step 3: Accessing Spotify After Download

1) Open Spotify on your desktop.
   a. A log in window will appear.

2) Sign in to Spotify:
   a. Enter your Facebook account information into the corresponding fields.
   b. Click LogIn .
   c. See Figure 1

Step 4: Playing Music on Spotify

1) In the menu located on the left-hand side of the Spotify application, select Library .
   a. The music library consists of all the tracks you have starred (see section titled “Starring and Discovering New Music Using Spotify” for more information),    imported, bought, or added to a playlist.
          *Note: All tracks from your existing iTunes account will automatically be imported upon opening Spotify.

2) Using the music library interface:
  a. To play a track, use the cursor to double-click and select any song from the music library.  
  b. To rewind, pause/play, or fast-forward a track, use the corresponding buttons located in the bottom left corner of the screen. 
  c. To control the volume of a song, use the slider located in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  d. To skip to a specific time in a song, use the slider located at the bottom of the screen.
  e. To shuffle or repeat tracks, use the corresponding buttons located in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  f. See Figure 1


Step 5: "Starring" and Discovering New Music Using Spotify

1) In the menu located on the left-hand side of the Spotify application select What’s New .
  a. The “What’s New” page displays new album releases, as well as a “Feed” that tracks music shared by your friends on Facebook.
  b. From the bar located at the top of the “What’s New” page select Top Lists .
  c. The “Top Lists” page displays the most popular tracks and albums from any given location at that particular moment.
  d. See Figure 1

2) Using the “What’s New” interface:
  a.On the “What’s New” page, click on an album cover to display the “Album Overview” page. 
     i. The “Album Overview” page displays each track included on that album.
  b. To ‘star’ a song, click on the gray star located to the left of each track.
     i. The star will turn yellow once selected.
     ii. By starring a song that track will automatically be saved into your music library. 
  c. See Figure 2


Step 6: Searching for Specific Music

1) To search for a specific track, album, or artist, type the corresponding information into the search bar located at the top-left corner of the screen.
  a. If you are searching for a particular song, Spotify will provide every entry made on the interface containing your keyword.
  b. If you are searching for an artist, click the image underneath the search tab after the results of your search have loaded.
      i. By doing this an overview of the artist’s discography will appear.
      ii. You are now able to play any song the artist has created that is available on Spotify.
      iii. See Figure 1

2) Related artists:
  a. Click on the Related Artists tab directly to the right of the overview feature once you've found a artist you like.
     i. A list of artists in the same genre will appear.
     ii. Use this feature as another way to discover new music.

Step 7: Creating a Playlist on Spotify

1) Click the Plus Sign next to "New Playlist" in the middle-left of the screen.
   a. See Figure 1
   b. This feature will be contained in the same section as your library.

2) Type in the desired name for your playlist.

3) Select a song(s) to add to your playlist.
  a. To select multiple songs at once, hold the shift key and click on numerous songs.

4) Click and hold your mouse on the selected song(s) and drag them to a playlist.

Step 8: Sharing Music Using Spotify

1) Make sure Spotify is connected to the Internet and integrated with Facebook.

2) To share an individual song, select the song from your personal music library or your online Spotify library.
   a. See Figure 1
   b. Only songs that are in white and online are avalible to share.

3) To share a playlist, select an already existing playlist contained in your library

4) Click and drag either the playlist or the song to the “People” section on the right-hand side of the screen.
   a. Drag your files over the user’s name to whom you would like to send your file(s).

5) To insert a message, click the message icon and type.

6) Files will be sent to the user’s inbox. 

7) To check recieved music, click on the inboxtab on the left-hand side of your screen.
   a. Any music you wish to keep must be saved into a playlist.

Step 9: Additional Help (Video)

Use the video on this page as a reference for additional clarification regarding the use of Spotify. Please take into consideration that Instructables has guidelines for the duration of a video contained in step-by-step instructions. As a result of these restrictions, this video only provides a partial representation of what was discussed in the previous steps of this tutorial. The video contains a brief demonstration of the following:

1) How to log in to Spotify after registration.
2) How to search for new music on Spotify.
3) How to play music on Spotify.
4) How to create a new playlist for the music you’ve found.
5) How to share newly discovered music with friends.
6) How to access playlists sent to you from friends.



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    The instructions are very convoluted and wordy. Parsing it down and keeping just the basics would be helpful.

    I really like the introduction to what spottily is though.

    1 reply

    Hey try MusConv with four easy step and you're good to go with your playlists.

    The instructions were very long and detailed. I’ve never used Spotify before and I feel comfortable using it. However, the instructions were very wordy. I would suggest shortening the steps or creating more steps to avoid overcrowding. Also, the figures are not labeled which leaves the reader guessing what image to look at when directed to "Figure 1." I also think the outline layout is a little distracting and I would recommend using bullets if needed. You do offer tips along the way which would help a new user, which is a plus. Furthermore, the video at the end supplements your instructions well. Overall, you created good instructions.

    This is a great tutorial. Though I agree with some of the previous comments regarding trying to separate the steps so that individuals new to the service are not overwhelmed with words, overall, it provides a very detailed and comprehensive guide to a general audience. Thanks!

    Ashton Brown
    ENGL313, Fall 2011

    Your video is extremely helpful, very easy to follow. Only suggestion would be to separate the instructions into different step-slides so it's not so much information in one page. Great job though! -ksheeran

    I could shorten this a lot - Goto web site - follow instructions and enjoy - it really opens the horizons to music.

    Oh and Audacity won't copy most of the more modern songs - SORRY


    These instructions are simple and to the point, in the manor directions should be. While on the website "Spotify" everything was easy to follow because the instructions were clear and comprehendable. Thanks!

    I would agree with the previous comment that the instructions seem wordy. I wonder if adding more blank lines between the steps will visually help make it more readable.

    I like that these instructions are very detailed, but they are a bit wordy. The seeing different figures strategy although functional can get convoluted when a person knows nothing about the Spotify website. I really liked that you gave instructions for both windows and mac making it accessible to all computer users. I especially found the video help at the end to be helpful. Overall, great professional style and a nice set of instructions.