Spotify is a music-sharing website designed to operate in conjunction with iTunes and Facebook. The following technical instructions document the process of downloading and installing Spotify, as well as utilizing the program to discover, listen to, and share music.

Basic proficiency in computer functions, including the ability to use Facebook, and iTunes are required to complete the tutorial. Necessary resources include a computer, a Facebook account, access to iTunes, and access to an Internet connection.

Step 1: Registering for Spotify

1) Visit the Spotify webpage:
    a. Open an Internet browser window on your computer desktop.
    b. In the address bar type: www.spotify.com

2) Once the homepage has fully loaded, click on the green box labeled Sign Up , located in the upper right-hand corner of the webpage.
   a. See Figure 1
   b. The homepage will automatically redirect to a “Sign Up” webpage.

3) Select the blue box labeled Log in to Facebook .
   a. See Figure 2
   b. A pop-up window titled “Log In – Facebook” will appear.

4) Type in the corresponding information:
   a. In the space labeled “Email,” type the email address associated with your Facebook account.
   b. In the space labeled “Password,” type the password associated with your Facebook account.
   c. See Figure 3

5) Click the blue box labeled Log In located in the bottom right-hand corner of the window.
   a. Once logged in, the Spotify registration form will automatically be completed with your Facebook information. 

6) Click the blue box titled Register, located near the bottom of the “Sign Up” webpage.
   a. Once your account has been successfully created, you will automatically be redirected to a webpage titled "Account Successfully Created"   
          *Note: Spotify should automatically begin downloading prior to registering. If Spotify does not automatically download, see "Step 2: Downloading Spotify,"           otherwise, proceed to "Step 3: Accessing Spotify After Download."

<br>The instructions were very long and detailed. I&rsquo;ve never used Spotify before and I feel comfortable using it. However, the instructions were very wordy. I would suggest shortening the steps or creating more steps to avoid overcrowding. Also, the figures are not labeled which leaves the reader guessing what image to look at when directed to &quot;Figure 1.&quot; I also think the outline layout is a little distracting and I would recommend using bullets if needed. You do offer tips along the way which would help a new user, which is a plus. Furthermore, the video at the end supplements your instructions well. Overall, you created good instructions. <br>
This is a great tutorial. Though I agree with some of the previous comments regarding trying to separate the steps so that individuals new to the service are not overwhelmed with words, overall, it provides a very detailed and comprehensive guide to a general audience. Thanks!<br><br>Ashton Brown<br>ENGL313, Fall 2011
The instructions are very convoluted and wordy. Parsing it down and keeping just the basics would be helpful. <br><br>I really like the introduction to what spottily is though.
Your video is extremely helpful, very easy to follow. Only suggestion would be to separate the instructions into different step-slides so it's not so much information in one page. Great job though! -ksheeran
I could shorten this a lot - Goto web site - follow instructions and enjoy - it really opens the horizons to music.<br><br>Oh and Audacity won't copy most of the more modern songs - SORRY
These instructions are simple and to the point, in the manor directions should be. While on the website &quot;Spotify&quot; everything was easy to follow because the instructions were clear and comprehendable. Thanks!
I would agree with the previous comment that the instructions seem wordy. I wonder if adding more blank lines between the steps will visually help make it more readable.
I like that these instructions are very detailed, but they are a bit wordy. The seeing different figures strategy although functional can get convoluted when a person knows nothing about the Spotify website. I really liked that you gave instructions for both windows and mac making it accessible to all computer users. I especially found the video help at the end to be helpful. Overall, great professional style and a nice set of instructions.

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