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I have been searching around for ages for a quick spotify to mp3 converter. I found nothing. However a couple of days ago I came across It works great

1) Copy spotify URl of album, track or playlist from spotify!
2) Paste it into
3) Click download
4) And voila :D
KimberlyQueen2 months ago

The website doesnt work for me. I searched youtube and find a video talks about how to download spotify to mp3 with the help of some recorder. Check here for the details:

SamF15 months ago

Now this seems shady. First, the link sends me to a "Claim your price now!" page, then it doesn't work at all.

right click on the link and open link in new tab. works perfectly

janshad22 months ago

Hi, I want to Convert Spotify to MP3. I guess I can use this site to do it ? If so - I want to take the mp3 file and import the file to my cubase studio... as a backtrack.

Its possible to do so ??

ssu31 year ago
I found a tutorial shows you how to download spotify music and convert to mp3 format, check this.
sebak2 years ago
This is a scam. The system searches the internet for an mp3 matching the one in spotify, but you don't download it from spotify. Meaning: it won't find every song and it won't find the exact same song in good quality.
mfasanya (author)  sebak2 years ago
... So its not a scam. Of course it doesnt download from spotify, that would be illegal. Its free to try so I would hardly say its a scam.
KapserLyyke2 years ago
This great one that you can download Spotify music manually. If you are looking for a way to download your whole playlist with 1 click. check Spotify to mp3 converter
mfasanya (author)  KapserLyyke2 years ago
You can download your entire playlist at as well and it is 10x faster