use a spray paint can for storage, if you have something to hide, or something stinky you need to place in a sealed container... i might have something for ya

FIRST OF ALL: i know there are other instructables related to this... by j626no by yuwama

they both involve placing a container inside the can, so what do i offer you guys with this instructable?

I offer you an idea, thats about it, this is the way i have been doing these kind of containers for a while now, i think the design is pretty simple and i hope you guys like it, i just thought another instructable on the subject would do no harm

but anyways lets get to it...

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Step 1: Gather your tools and supplies

Picture of Gather your tools and supplies
1st of all you will need

1 Empty Spraycan (press on the nozzle, you shouldnt be able to hear any air escaping the nozzle)
1 Empty Soda can
1 xacto knife OR any knife you dont mind abusing
1 ruler (the thickness of the ruler might be important, ill tell ya later)
some clear tape
some paper glue
some contact cement
a workspace

Step 2: Getting started

using the width of your ruler and your knife "scrape" a line all around the can, try to make it as even as possible.

IF you want to use the same label either cut the label off as one piece of carefully cut it at the same level in wich you made the line
danm956 years ago
it's like jurrasic park!!!!!!!!!!!!
I thought the same!!, i was wonder if a i can get a can of "barbasol".
killrsheep (author)  joejoerowley6 years ago
Thanks !