Spray Paint Prank


Introduction: Spray Paint Prank

In this Instructable, I will show you how to make a safe and easy prank with a can of spray pain

- A can of spray paint
- A can of air freshener
- Tape/Glue

Step 1: Removing the Label

Take the label off your can of spray paint, be careful not to rip it

Step 2: Wrap Label Around Air Freshener

Now take the label and wrap it around the can of air freshener, make sure it is very tight but don't tape it yet.

Step 3: Cut Off Excess Label

If the label over laps on the can of air freshener, cut parts of the side off until it fits.

Step 4: Tape Label on and Have Fun

Now that it fits, wrap the label around the can of air freshener and tape or glue it. Now you have a can of air freshener that looks like spray paint- start spraying the air in front of people and make sure they can see the spray paint label. It should raise a few eyebrows. You can also try it with hairspray.



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    For bonus realism points, add the sound of the glacket (ball bearing) inside a spray can, so that when you shake the hairspray, it makes the noises too. I suspect a coin or ball bearing hidden in the domed underside, free to rattle, held in by clingfilm/card circle would do this ...

    If you really wunna be mean put the air freshener label on the spray can and wait for somebody to use it. :P