Picture of Spray Paint T Shirt (T Shirt Hacks Contest)
This is a cool way to show off your awesome spray painting skills or just have some fun. All you need is a shirt, spray paint, and if you want some lids or shapes to spray paint around. Dont forget to vote! Thanks!

Step 1: Painting the Shirt

Picture of Painting the Shirt
This is very easy, just take the lids and stuff and place them on the shirt. Just spray paint around them. I used a piece of Styrofoam for straight lines and a medium sized lid for circles. Once you are done with spray painting it just let it dry and you can wear it. Also included here is a picture of me wearing the shirt.
Catling7 years ago
You gotta watch out though, man, spray paint washes right out of fabric. (This has been a big problem with sports T-shirts at my school.)
DaNerd11 (author)  Catling7 years ago
hmmmm... i have not worn it yet so there was no need to wash it but i will see after i do wear it. Thanks for the heads up though, and dont forget to vote! :-)
are you kidding?! if it does wash out, who's going to vote?
DaNerd11 (author)  inventinator7 years ago
The kind of spray paint you use matters. I used one for wood and it didnt come out. You could test other kinds to though. So yaaaa... Dont forget to vote :-)
Foaly7 DaNerd115 years ago
So spray paint for wood wont wash out?
I know I'm a bit late to the discussion, but I have been spraypainting t-shirts for years. I've always used Krylon, and the very first shirt I ever spraypainted is still spraypainted. It has faded a bit over the years, but has never, ever washed out.
Ur right at my school at p.e. when i wash my shirt at home it gets all my other shirts jacked up wit da color b careful bless up 1 luv!!!!!
Zaineb7 years ago
To keep it from washing out, you might want to try covering the print with wax paper then ironing over it. That usually locks it in for at least a couple washes.
the.mk95 Zaineb6 years ago
that sounds like a really good idea zaineb. you should try silk screening :P
Zaineb the.mk956 years ago
Hmm... never really considered it
the.mk95 Zaineb6 years ago
you can also silk screen pancakes :)
DaNerd11 (author)  the.mk956 years ago
Zaineb DaNerd116 years ago
Yeah, you use chocolate syrup. Smuckables brand works best, Hershey's is worst. Look up that instructable by lamedust
the.mk95 Zaineb6 years ago
you really sound like you know your stuff......heh....
DaNerd11 (author)  the.mk956 years ago
DaNerd11 (author)  Zaineb6 years ago
will do!
no actually i think you use syrup..here...search Pancake Mod by Lamedust on instructables...really cool!!!
DaNerd11 (author)  the.mk956 years ago
DaNerd11 (author)  the.mk956 years ago
the.mk95 Zaineb6 years ago
you can also silk screen pancakes :)
DaNerd11 (author)  Zaineb7 years ago
Thats a good idea.... but.... its a little late.... i would have to repaint it first.... hehehehe.....