Spray Paint T Shirt (T Shirt Hacks Contest)





Introduction: Spray Paint T Shirt (T Shirt Hacks Contest)

This is a cool way to show off your awesome spray painting skills or just have some fun. All you need is a shirt, spray paint, and if you want some lids or shapes to spray paint around. Dont forget to vote! Thanks!

Step 1: Painting the Shirt

This is very easy, just take the lids and stuff and place them on the shirt. Just spray paint around them. I used a piece of Styrofoam for straight lines and a medium sized lid for circles. Once you are done with spray painting it just let it dry and you can wear it. Also included here is a picture of me wearing the shirt.



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You gotta watch out though, man, spray paint washes right out of fabric. (This has been a big problem with sports T-shirts at my school.)

hmmmm... i have not worn it yet so there was no need to wash it but i will see after i do wear it. Thanks for the heads up though, and dont forget to vote! :-)

are you kidding?! if it does wash out, who's going to vote?

The kind of spray paint you use matters. I used one for wood and it didnt come out. You could test other kinds to though. So yaaaa... Dont forget to vote :-)

So spray paint for wood wont wash out?

I know I'm a bit late to the discussion, but I have been spraypainting t-shirts for years. I've always used Krylon, and the very first shirt I ever spraypainted is still spraypainted. It has faded a bit over the years, but has never, ever washed out.

Ur right at my school at p.e. when i wash my shirt at home it gets all my other shirts jacked up wit da color b careful bless up 1 luv!!!!!

To keep it from washing out, you might want to try covering the print with wax paper then ironing over it. That usually locks it in for at least a couple washes.

that sounds like a really good idea zaineb. you should try silk screening :P

Hmm... never really considered it