Getting organised is one thing, staying organised is another. This instructable details an easy to throw together way of keeping your paint or any spray cans well organised, it also looks pretty cool.

This rack was built out of necessity , I paint a lot with stencils and have amassed a growing collection of paint. Unfortunately storage is an issue. Shelves work well but the cans tend to get mixed up and its difficult to decide which colour will work best.
This rack keeps everything visible and to hand and makes it really easy to put everything back for the next piece I spray.
Apologies for the iffy images, my phone was the only available camera at the time.

A note on spraying indoors, I use goggles and an A1 rated half face respirator combined with a large fan by the door. I regularly use spray paint and bleach in an airbrush an a little bit of protection makes a real difference long term.

Enough rambling, lets get down to it, enjoy my first ever Instructable and any feedback is welcome.

(A vote in the competition would also be awesome :) )

Step 1: Materials

The materials used are easy to come by and I had everything I needed already but the parts are super cheap and adaptable.

You will need:
- Too many spray cans
- Some straight preferrably thin wooden batons (I used 5cm x 2cm)
- Some screws
- A wall or a sheet of wood to mount to the wall
- A saw of any description
- A screwdriver or drill with driver bit
- A tape measure (or some string)
- 30 mins of your time

Gather your materials and head on over to step 2, measuring..
<p>I'm a spray paint addict, and I always have to dig through boxes or shelves to find the right one. This looks like a great solution for my hoarding! I MEAN COLLECTING!</p>
<p>Snap.. After building this I went out and bought more paint because I now have smewhere to put it.. Came across your shoes iable while making sure this rack wasnt already on here.. Awesome stuff..</p>
<p>Smart guy! I also run searches to make sure potential projects haven't already been submitted. :P</p><p>And thanks!</p>
<p>This is a great idea! We'll use this in our hobby room! Thanks!</p>
<p>Glad you liked it.. Post some pics if you get around to it.. I would love to see it.</p>
<p>That looks great. Really nice way to store and display them :)</p>

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