video Spray Painted Coffee Mug
Turn a boring white mug into a stylish dish, using sandpaper, metallic paint, round labeling stickers and the Preval Sprayer. When it comes to paint, you have several options. Read on to learn which is best for you.

Acrylic paint: Seal your acrylic painted mugs with acrylic clear coat. They'll look great, but they won't be safe to drink from.

Ceramic paint: No-bake ceramic paint makes your dishes safe to drink from, but they'll be subject to scratches and chipping due to wear and tear. Bake-on ceramic paint is also safe drink from, but unlike the no-bake variety, the paint finish should last for years.

Spray painting: Lightly sand the outside surface of your mug. You want to barely scratch the surface, leaving the mug with enough tooth for the paint to stick. 

Do a test spray on a scrap paper surface and then sweep the spray paint lightly over the entire surface of your mug. When you've covered it from all angles, set it aside to dry completely. This will take about 20 to 30 minutes if it's positioned under a fan. Move on to spray another 5 layers, allowing drying time in between.

Tip: Protect the inside of the mug from over spray with scrap paper and painter's tape. Watch the video to see how we did it.