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Many of us use spray paint on our projects.
And i guess some of you still have empty canisters at home. So let's recycle those empty cans.
Before i only use the caps to store electronic components and small screws.
In this ible we will use the cap and the base of the can,
2 empty plastic pen, a small piece of cloth, some glue and small speakers.

Step 1: Materials

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Step 2: Step 1

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Put a hole on the cap as shown on the photo. Make sure it will fit the body of the plastic pen.

Step 3:

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Use a hacksaw blade to cut the pen about 5 centimeters from the end.

Step 4:

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Use a hacksaw blade to cut open the end cap of the pen.

Step 5:

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Insert the shaft of the pen on the hole. And use the end cap as a nut to secure it in place. A little glue will help.

Step 6:

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Cut out the base of the can, drill a hole on the center and use it as the base of our project.

Step 7:

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Insert the wire on the shaft of the pen.

Step 8:

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Cover the speaker with a cloth or a stocking. And glue it on the back side.

Step 9:

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Cut all the excess cloth with a sharp blade.

Step 10:

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Glue all parts in place and do the painting last.
Here you can see the finished speaker. And the unfinished one on the other side. Still waiting for an empty can to do the base.


EA.Architect (author)2011-07-25

Was there anything special to the process of cutting the base of the can out?

LiMiT-L3sS (author)2010-10-01

r they loud

flaco1 (author)2010-08-01

Great idea using the caps! I've got a set of speakers, amp. circuit, and battery holders but couldn't decide on speaker enclosures until now. thanks!

Jezan (author)flaco12010-08-04

thanks flaco. good luck on your project.

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