I know i am not the only one who is tired of paying up to $15+ for an aquarium background. Lets face it, it is glorified laminated paper. How would you like to be able to cover up to 3 55 gallon aquariums for 96 cents?

Step 1: Materials

You will need

1x tank to be painted
1x can of spray paint (it doesnt need to be krylon fusion, i just had it. I hav used the 96 cent stuff from walmart with great sucess)
1x plastic sheet or trash bag cut into a sheet
1x roll of tape (i used cellophane tape, but duct would work too)
1x pair of scissors
1x thing to stand your tank on for painting.
i don't know about this, if you get ANY in the tank, your tank, and all the equipment (and fish) are dead...
Not true, Krylon Fusion is totally water proof and non toxic once it is dry. People who custom build their own PVC based filters use it to help hide them. <br /> <br /> You can also use Latex paint, but if you hang filters on the back of your aquarium it can scratch off.<br /> <br /> Enamel paint is a good choice if you are painting an aquarium that is already set up. Use a sponge roller and several light coats. Rustoleum works great. <br />
yah, i guess your right, what i'm essentially saying is BE&nbsp;CAREFUL!!!<br />
Sgt.Waffles, Do you play on Xbox Live? Is that where I know that screen name from? »Tony
I used to play Call Of Duty on PS2. I patriarched the name. After a few weeks, I noticed several other "Sgt. Waffles" on the game. I guess it caught on, and spread to Xbox. Glad to know my name is worthy enough ; )
is that Reese? Malcolm's older brother from that TV show?
My kids would cut an interesting looking picture out of a large magazine and tape it on the back of the aquarium. By interesting I mean they enjoyed watching snails crawl on pictures of couches or fish swim across the a counter top.
Bravo, but you misspelled background ;_0

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