Spread a Deck of Cards 3 Different Ways!





Introduction: Spread a Deck of Cards 3 Different Ways!

Whether you want to look like a professional card handler or just want to impress your friends, this is a surefire way to do so.

Step 1: What You Will Need

1. A deck of cards
2. Your hands

Step 2: The Ribbon Spread

This is an elegant table spread. It is the simplest of the four spreads. This is good for magic tricks done in an intimate table setting. Steps:
1. Hold the deck with the thumb and middle finger on the short ends.
2. Pull the deck to the side, guiding it with the index finger.

Step 3: One-Handed Forwards

This is a showy spread, good for showing off. It's good when no table is available.
1. Hold the deck with thumb on top and fingers below.
2. Apply gentle pressure from the bottom, using the thumb as a pivot

Step 4: One-Handed Reverse

This is a good, showy spread that can be used to show the deck as blank. Steps: 1. Hold the deck with the thumb on top and fingers curled below 2. Apply pressure with the fingers and push

Step 5: BONUS!!!

The Turnover is basically a fancy addition to the ribbon spread that shows how good you really are at card handling. Steps: 1. Ribbon Spread 2. Slide finger under bottom card 3. Turn it over and guide the wave with your finger.



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