Cold Smoked Salmon, or "Lox" is one of my favorite foods.

There are many traditional accompaniments for lox: cream cheese, capers, onions, buttered toast, bagels, tomatoes, egg... I like my lox in a thin layer on some good white bread or toast, with some caper and onions. BUT; the flavor of the salmon is easily overpowered by such strong flavored add-ons, especially when you only have a thin layer of salmon. This recipe is my solution to making onions and capers dilute enough to go with the way I like to eat my lox...

(The "Traditional style" image is from LA Bagel Delight. It looks yummy, but EVERYTHING is thicker than I would like it.)

Step 1: Ingredients & Equipment


  • 2oz Butter: use real butter, not margarine (unless you LIKE margarine.)
  • 2oz Cream Cheese: use your favorite; solid cream cheese (as opposed to whipped) is fine; it will get whpped in the course of the recipe.
  • 1 heaping teaspoon Capers: pickled nasturium buds; tiny little sour flavorful things.
  • 1 Tablespoon Onion: coarsely chopped. Red onions are prettier.

ALL the above quantities and portions are subject to change depending on your tastes. The way I like to eat salmon, I think the quantities listed above will make enough spread to go with nearly a pound of salmon.


Food Processor - a mini-sized food processor is perfect for this sized batch.

<p>check salmon fish fry here</p>
It's terribly sad and bad that there's no technology for copying and teleporting matter! I would give something... something... don't even know what for that sandwich! Oh, I think it's time visit a shop... Although I hardly like to do it. Reason is... is... that I don't like people around me... :(
Om nom nom... that looks delicious... will have to try it!
That looks incredibly delicious! Great job, I hope I remember to tell my mom to do this next time we buy salmon. Yum yum in my tum tum. Now wash it down with some rum. +5/5 stars. (added to favorites)
looks fantastic! I want to add fresh dill to this.
sounds perfect! thanks i will try this.
I've never seen lox served that thick except at a Sushi Bar! Your schmear looks delicious! Good job.

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