Step 3: Mix in Butter and Cream Cheese.

Throw in the softened butter and process a bit more.
Add the cream cheese and process till everything is mixed and whipped, scraping down the sides occasionally so as to eventually have a uniform mixture.

<p>check salmon fish fry here</p>
It's terribly sad and bad that there's no technology for copying and teleporting matter! I would give something... something... don't even know what for that sandwich! Oh, I think it's time visit a shop... Although I hardly like to do it. Reason is... is... that I don't like people around me... :(
Om nom nom... that looks delicious... will have to try it!
That looks incredibly delicious! Great job, I hope I remember to tell my mom to do this next time we buy salmon. Yum yum in my tum tum. Now wash it down with some rum. +5/5 stars. (added to favorites)
looks fantastic! I want to add fresh dill to this.
sounds perfect! thanks i will try this.
I've never seen lox served that thick except at a Sushi Bar! Your schmear looks delicious! Good job.

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