Picture of Spreading Love with Robots
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A building kit for love...

The idea of a “Love Robot” was originally planted in my head by my daughter Tika’s work “A Robot made of Love and with Love”, as shown in the third picture below. So I started making little robots that are magnetically drawn to each other and when kissing, they show there love by lighting up their throbbing hart.

My kissing robots described in “Give the Gift of Robot Love” were a big success. Such a success that I soon game to the conclusion that preparing the kit as a gift takes a lot of work. I don’t mind putting effort in making a gift for my friends, but I took just too much time to be able to spread my love to more people.

Therefore, I decided to design a new version were the kit only needs laser cutting parts and gathering available components. At the same time I tried to simplify the assembly by the recipient. People being less handy doesn’t t mean I love them any less ;-)

Waiting for the parts to arrive I made a simple animated GIF (fourth image below). It gave an idea of to the real thing. Obviously, with the parts available, I was able to test and do some fine tuning (as will be explained in the following steps). Check out the result in this video:

The kit is assembled without any tools. How to assemble is described from step 4 on, but first I explain how I came to design.

The main aspect of the design is a solder free concept. I realise soldering would give a more reliable electrical contacts possible, but then I considered that true love should allow for sorting out a broken contact once in a while :-)

Another part of the concept is using (ID) photos as a face, allowing for a very simple way to  personalise each robot.

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junebuggy4410 months ago
where can I Finde strong powerful magnet?
masynmachien (author)  junebuggy4410 months ago
Thanks for your interest.

Specialty stuff like magnets are mainly supplied online these days. Google for neodymium magnets in your region to find online suppliers.
I get mine from www.opitec.com.
junebuggy4410 months ago
hi I'm new to this sight I like your creation
Ugifer3 years ago
This is lovely - and I have been a fan of your 'ibles for some time now.

One thought - as it stands you will have two populations of robots - those with "North" heads and those with "South". N-S will "kiss" but "N-N" will not. I somehow think my girls would be sad if their robots couldn't kiss Mummy's and each other's.

If you arranged to have two small magnets next to each other on the head then the RHS could always be North (say) and the LHS South and then all robots could kiss all other robots!

Just an idea.

masynmachien (author)  Ugifer3 years ago
Thanks, and what a great idea!

At first I was thinking how to integrate two smaller magnets side by side and obtain a long distance magnetic field with similar strength.

But then I thought I could use the original magnet size and put them in as cheecks!
I will have to try it.

Thanks again!
SHIFT!3 years ago
This project is amazing, but I might suggest choosing something that's a bit more indicative of what the project is about for the main image. Instead of a design sketch, how about a photo of the actual robots?

Great job, BTW.
masynmachien (author)  SHIFT!3 years ago

And you're absolutely right on the use of an actual photo. I was up still working on the photo's up untill now, while I already had made the animated GIF while waiting fror the laser cut parts to arrive.

But I have put a photo as main image now.