Spring Crafts for Kids: Cute Bunny




Introduction: Spring Crafts for Kids: Cute Bunny

Spring break will start soon.I made this spring craft for kids.This is very easy and fun project.I hope kids will enjoy spring with making the craft and having fun.


1) Paper Plate

2) Color Tissue

3) Pompoms

4) Cotton swab

5) Chenille Stems

6) Felt

7) Glue

8) Hot Glue

9) Black beads

Step 1: Start Making:

Let's get started. First, apply glue on the plate and then apply the light blue tissue paper for sky and green and few yellow for the ground.Then make the daisy flower using pompom and cotton swabs. I used green chenille stems for the flower stem. Using pompom I made the bunny, for bunny ears and nose I used felt. For bunny eyes, I used black beads.For the tail, I used very tiny pompom.And I made the sun using orange and yellow chenille stem. I hope you will like my video. Thanks for watching.

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