Picture of Spring Flowers - a special cushion for Mom!
This is a big, beautiful applique cushion that's surprisingly easy to make! I made it for my mom, and she totally *loves* it!

All that's needed are a few scraps of leftover fabric, scissors, an iron, fusible interfacing, an old pillow for stuffing, a little cotton thread or yarn, a few buttons, and, of course - good ol' needle and thread! I've provided the applique template here to print out, so cutting according to the precise measurements is no hassle at all!

Have fun!!!!

Step 1: Step 1 - Tracing and Cutting

Print the template (see the first picture below!) and trace the shapes onto heavy paper or cardstock, and then cut the pieces out (if your printer supports heavier-paper types, you can print directly on the cardstock itself, and then cut the pieces out!) On the wrong side of a sheet of fusible fabric interfacing (the glue/fusible side should be facing down), trace the shapes as follows: four large petals, four inside-tulip petals, four right-side tulip petals, four left-side tulip petals, and twelve leaves (the number of each shape to be cut is noted on each piece on the template, so this is easy!) Set the circle-cutouts from the template aside; it'll be used later on!
HeartFlower (author) 6 years ago
Thank you all so, so much!!! :-)
saffy826 years ago
Beautiful work ~ 5 stars! (:
h236 years ago
Holly_Grace6 years ago
I am so glad I got to see your projects (thanx to Sis for the link!) They are all winners! This cushion is so beautiful and the Instructable makes it very simple! Excellent work
Angelique176 years ago
This pattern is such a fabulous epitome of simplicity begging for a spring chair. Good job! Can’t wait to stitch this sample up! Angélique
P.S. Your Instructable is VERY well explained too! Awesome job!
That is so pretty!
Very pretty
twinkathy6 years ago
What a Gorgeous Cushion!
marybear6 years ago
Very pretty.
bariw7866 years ago
BEAUTIFUL! Mashallah! :)
pnelsen6 years ago
This is so pretty
moromou6 years ago
Nice spring cushion!