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All you need is hot glue, a spring, and a piece of cardboard.
 then fill it up with paintballs while pushing the plunger down. Close the lid of your pod when done filling. (Note. Put your pod in the mouth of your hopper when you open it. They come flying out very fast. Depending on your spring size they should anyway.

Step 1: Create

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All you do is hot glue the spring to the bottom of you pod and hot glue the cardboard onto the spring. Let dry.

Step 2:

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 Then fill it up with paintballs while pushing the plunger down. Close the lid of your pod when done filling. (Note. Put your pod in the mouth of your hopper when you open it. They come flying out very fast. Depending on your spring size they should anyway.)


CodyG1 (author)2015-02-09

Ingenuity 9/10 practicability 0/10 fact is when I am rolling my gun in tournaments I am just rolling paint out pod after pod after pod and fact is this won't help as I do not know any player in the history of the sport that can say they can out shoot their reload speed, think about it you fire while reloading this avoids you getting bunkered (PSP team Art Chaos have already shown this as have Imfamous) next point in order to out shoot the pod you would have to fire 66.6BPS now I know that there is no loader that can keep up with that so there is another limitation and then of course there is the fact of paint loss losing even one pod of paint makes a difference and finally there is the fact that you risk far more paint breaks this way

jmessina1 (author)2011-12-11

I would love to see a video of this aactually working nevermind speeding up reload time, if anything you have to take more time to make sure that the pod is close enough to he lid to open without missing and far enough that the lid actually opens

John_234 (author)2011-09-14

It would work better if you could modify the mod to dump it's contents with a button on the end or something, because as is, it's just clumsy and prone to losing all your paintballs.

Fried Noodles (author)2011-04-03

whats the point in this, if you cant compress the spring it just wastes space in the pod

no the spring gets pushed down then the pod is filled with paintballs and lid closed. when you open the lid it forces the paintballs out of the pod

what happens if you open a full pod before its near the hopper?

mg0930mg (author)Fried Noodles2011-06-06

You're screwed, which is a big problem. I'd rather have a normal pod, and not lose everything when you need to hold this over the pod before you open it.

Paintballer98 (author)mg0930mg2011-06-07

you put the mouth of the pod to the hopper before you open it

mg0930mg (author)Paintballer982011-06-07

I said that, but that seems like a waste, when I can open my pod after I pull it out of the pack and reload while shooting. This I would need to stop shooting and make sure I open over the hopper..

Do you know if this works with a speed feed? It sounds like it wouldn't be very good. This also takes up space, meaning less paintballs.

Paintballer98 (author)mg0930mg2011-06-08

you can still reload while shooting with this. It just decreases reload time

mg0930mg (author)Paintballer982011-06-08

Will you answer my question?

It's harder to shoot while reloading because you need to bring your pod right next to the hopper, keep it steady and pop the lid, when you could just pop it, and flip it over...

Paintballer98 (author)mg0930mg2011-06-08

I dont know if it would work with a speed feed, it is a little harder but no one forced you to use this pod so u dont even have to use it

mg0930mg (author)Paintballer982011-06-08

I'm just showing everyone every possibility. This instructable just isn't that great, the final product doesn't really help you. It's easier to lose paint, less paint in pod, etc. The upside, it's faster by .9 seconds.

Paintballer98 (author)mg0930mg2011-07-19

"This instructable just isn't that great"

-827 views as of May 5th

mg0930mg (author)Paintballer982011-07-19

Views have nothing to do with it. How many people have said they followed your instructions to make this? Nobody here has said that they have in the comments.

The instructions really aren't that great.

John_234 (author)mg0930mg2011-09-14


mg0930mg (author)Paintballer982011-07-19

This instructable isn't that popular, but I took my own pictures. They're my own instructions. It's something I've actually done.

It has 2,215 views.

Rdav- (author)Fried Noodles2011-04-04

You die,.........Horribly

Paintballer98 (author)Rdav-2011-04-24


you dont

mg0930mg (author)2011-06-06

How would this work with a speed feed anyway?

mitchell12 (author)2011-05-21

Probably the least helpful instructable I've seen this year.

Paintballer98 (author)mitchell122011-05-24

this is insanely helpful so you don't get bunkered while reloading

mg0930mg (author)Paintballer982011-05-28

He means it's unhelpful because no one understands what you are doing.

Paintballer98 (author)mg0930mg2011-06-06

the spring pushes the cardboard and in turn moves the paintballs in about 0.1 seconds out of the pod

mg0930mg (author)Paintballer982011-06-06

Yes, now count in the loss of paint from this, it's not really worth it, the balls come out fast enough. If this was that important, I'm sure someone would have made pods like this already.

mg0930mg (author)Paintballer982011-06-06

Yes, but you don't show us very clearly how to do it, if you had your own pictures(!) we would be able to see it better.

mg0930mg (author)2011-05-28

This seems like a waste of time, and it's most likely easier for the paintballs to fall out of the pod. It doesn't take that long for you to reload?

Paintballer98 (author)mg0930mg2011-06-06

2 to 3 seconds to reload normally, about 1 second reload with this modded pod

junits15 (author)2011-05-05

have you made this yet?

Paintballer98 (author)junits152011-05-11

yes, it works extremely well

junits15 (author)Paintballer982011-05-11

kool, i was just unsure because there were no actual pics, I wasnt gonna try it unless i knew for sure

Paintballer98 (author)junits152011-05-12

btw the first pic is me using the pod

sorry, meant to say this is not me using the pod

junits15 (author)Paintballer982011-05-12

ill take your word for it

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