Here in the Dirty South, we've been having some unseasonably warm weather, but the nights are still pretty cool. It's that in-between time when you want a scarf, but not a heavy one. So, after being just slightly too cold on my dog walk this morning, I decided to make myself a medium weight scarf out of some old graphic tees I had laying around. The result turned out to be the perfect weight and I dig the way it looks. This tutorial originally appeared on my crafting blog: DudeCraft.com

Step 1: Step One

Select two old t-shirts.
I used this to make a scarf today. Great idea! Too bad I have to wait a while before the weather cools down enough to wear it!
very nice. btw, where is the "dirty south".
I'm gonna have to try this
definitely an awesome dude project hahah, thanx
Awesome... great idea :)
very sweet fan... i liked it

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