Introduction: Spring Stop for Beading

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I would like to admit that I've never lost a strand of beads while beading but thats is in no way true.  I kept meaning to get a stop or end for beads while at the store but always seemed to forget.  I got into my boyfriend's springs and there they were.  A spring with loops on the end.  I figured why not make my own.

Plastic Dip, Sugru, or Clay

**You can get the springs at the hardware store. We happened to have a box that contained a bunch of different sizes. 


Step 1: Add Mini Handles to Spring

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Take a small piece of your plastic dip, sugru, or clay and roll it into a ball.  Then place it on the end of the spring and mold it around the loops.  Let it Dry.

Step 2: Save Yourself From "OHHH NOOO!"

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Fold your spring back, insert your wire or string and get beading! This is a very simple way to keep your headaches down!.


jessyratfink (author)2012-02-17

Very smart. Good reuse. :)

JosiePosie76 (author)2011-10-09

Very cool! I have this problem all the time. I don't like using the bead stoppers on some of my projects because it crimps my wire or string too much! Thank you!

sandgurl (author)JosiePosie762011-10-10

Thank You! I kept wondering to myself how bad these would eat string but really haven't had a chance to try them out yet. The only thing I can say is that it didn't seem to mar the string right away :) Now I am curious if the spring stoppers at the store have a different tension. Did you notice it on just certain types of strings or all of them?

JosiePosie76 (author)sandgurl2011-10-10

The springs inside old pens can be used on thicker strings or wires... you do have to crimp em together before using them to make it tighter... Another thing I have used to stop them from slipping is beads of wax melted to the end... Not is fail proof if you are rough with your work though.... On fine strings I use a knot and a safety pin..... I would think the stronger the spring the more crimp it leaves.... I have been fiddling with something recently... When I think I have it down I will post it... :)

sandgurl (author)JosiePosie762011-10-11

Looking forward to your post! I had never even thought about the old pen springs. Anything to make beading a little less frustrating at times is awesome!!!!

rimar2000 (author)2011-10-07

Very clever!

sandgurl (author)rimar20002011-10-07

Thank You :)

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