Spring Trap's Mask Prototype





Introduction: Spring Trap's Mask Prototype

Now there are a few missing steps in this tutorial because of how this is more of a prototype instead of a fully qualified mask at all. I might make a full tutorial once I figure out how this mask is fully operational along with it's jaws as well. Sorry to disappoint you guys. ;-;

Step 1:



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    It makes sense that it's a mask, since you would see yourself through it, which is Purple Guy's corpse.

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    Indeed, that is why it's made as a mask for me to see through.

    It is indeed made out of Eva foam, and I used paper clips to fasten it all together since I don't have any glue around. Until my supplies are here, I will be able to make the full tutorial on how to make the mask with its jaws as well.

    Looks pretty good so far! Perhaps a bit of written info is all that's needed.

    Is that EVA foam? How did you fasten the pieces together?