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Introduction: Spring, Close Up and Personal

About: The name comes from the First Star Trek movie, that pretty much says it all.

It was a long hard winter this year in Montana. We had record snowfall, record storms, actually we set all kinds of records this year. So when the 5 foot snow drifts  in back of the house finally started to melt after 5 months of being there we started to think spring finally.
So, here and there the signs of spring have been appearing. Sometimes you have to look close for them. Sometimes really close, but its there. Life waking up for the mad rush of summer, the time in between blizzards.
How close up are these pictures? There are a few clues like the ruler,  most are really close, close up. 

You can look at these in large size by clicking on the i in the left top corner of the picture. On the next page pick the large option. These are all high resolution so the bigger versions have more detail.  Enjoy!

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    Thanks for sharing! Beautiful pictures!

    The cat's eye is fantastic. Is this the hurt one? You and Montana are amazing!

    Beautiful pictures.

    All are beautiful, but the last is remarkable!


    The eye shot is commendable!
    What animal is that?

    1 reply

    cat, a patient one.

    In the eye of the cat (4032x3024), I thought saw V'ger's one arm :-)
    You have a really steady hand.
    Those closeups ( excellent lighting ) were amazingly interesting to look into
    Nice work.


    1 reply

    Yep, I'm there. Like I said you have to look close. Glad you like the pictures. I might do a sequel as things develop and grow.

    These are all exhilaratingly beautiful photos!