Picture of Spring in Winter: Flower Art
I know for many the long months of winter seem to drag on endlessly. We long for the colors and sounds of spring, for the emergence of new life and that soft spring air. Winter in Texas does not last long and while I’m a strong supporter (and lover) of the winter months I am not without my own longings for the beauty that follows the cold. All this week I’ll be doing quick and easy DIY projects that will add a splash of color to your every day life. These Do-It-Yourself demos cost me under 5 dollars each!

One of my favorite colors is green. Pretty much any kind; from those hues walking the line of blue all the way to the ones flirting with yellow. That is why these minty green paper flowers caught my eye. They are fun and fresh with a touch of elegance to them. I got this inspiration from my dear friend Kat, who came up with it as a gift idea.

1. Tape
2. Solid Color Background Paper (I just used the sheet that came in the frame)
3. Frame
4. Paper Flower Stickers

*I got the frame and stickers from Michael’s for 3 dollars total.
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Step 1:

Picture of
Step One:
Using the sheet that comes in the frame (or cut one of a desired color to size), tape the backside (in this case the side that was once facing out with the dimensions) on all four sides.

Step 2:

Picture of
Step Two:
Lay the now taped paper into the frame with the good side facing the front and the taped side facing the backing. Close the backing on to the paper and then flip it over and make sure your background is smooth and pressed firmly against the backing.

Step 3:

Picture of
Step Three:
Begin putting your flowers on. Simple as that! I did mine in a 2 x 3 arrangement but it is really whatever you want. You can even alternate colors.
asbtr3 months ago


Very cute! I like those flower stickers, do you remember where you got them?
Thanks! I got the paper flowers from the dollar bins at Michael's Craft Store.