Picture of Spring in Winter: Magnet Art
Time for more bright and cheery colors! Spring Fever has hit me a bit early this year. I think the lack luster Texas winter is making me long for shades of green.  While crafting and shopping I’ve found my eye wandering to things with birds, bird nests, and bright colors. I’ve even started adding brighter colors to my fabric collections. It’s a fever to be sure. As part of this weeks series I’ve got another fabulous and fun DIY that will tickle your fancy, fill you with inspiration and in just three steps!

1. Scissors
2. Dimensional Magic (Mod Podge)
3. Magnets (Round)
4. Marble Accents (make sure they are flat on one side)
5. Art Work
6. (Not Pictured) Hot Glue Gun
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Step 1:

Picture of
Step One:
Measure the size of your marble accents to get a rough idea of how big you need to make you art pieces. Use a computer to crop your selected images into circles of the right size and print them. I used card stock which is better for durability. You can use your own photographs or you can search this great site I found several months ago. They have tons of free vintage artwork for download.


Cut your pieces out. A tip for cutting circles neatly: cut further back on the scissors. This give you more control of your pivot action and keeps the cut nice and rounded.

Step 2:

Picture of
Step Two:
Using the Dimensional Magic from Mod Podge coat a light layer on the flat side of the marble accent. I use the Dimensional Magic over glue because it does not cause your image to bleed. A laser printer will help with this as well. Place your cut image right side down. Allow for dry time. To help keep the paper flat I put down a paper towel and turned them right side up so the weight of the marble pressed the image flat into the resin.
Alice want2 years ago
I think I can make a pendent with my picture by the way you give. Thanks for sharing, I can make beads and stone by myself and for myself.
bajablue2 years ago
Great project! I believe the marble accents are most commonly known as cabochons. ;-)
Very cute idea! I love that you used those vintage images!