Introduction: Sprinkler Chicken Fence

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This is actually my sister's idea I actually don't know much about but she somehow tricked me into making it :) This is her word for word intro

"we live in the country and we have chickens and I always want to let them out so they can enjoy fresh grass and bugs. But a few years ago we got a cat and they haven't been safe out of their cage ever since so I thought that since our cat doesn't like water I thought that if we hooked a bunch of sprinklers together it would make 'fence' so I put my extremely excellent brother who is awesome to the task" Okay maybe it isn't word for word :)

Step 1: Things Needed

    1. Three Elbows
    2. T Connector
    3. 3/4 Adapter
    4. Female hose coupling
    5. 3/4 Coupling
    6. Six 10' 3/4 inch CPVC Pipe
    Tools and Other Stuff
      1. Pipe Cutter
      2. Spigot with Hose
      3. Drill
      4. Small drill bit
      5. Chickens (obviously)

      Step 2: Drilling and Arranging

      Picture of Drilling and Arranging

      I drilled the holes for water about an 0.5 inches apart with a kinda medium size drill bit but that didn't seem to work as that depleted the water pressure from the hose. so I drilled the holes 0.75 inches apart and used a smaller drill bit. I drilled 4 sets of 8 ft CPVC pipes and connected two of them with a coupling and then connected the two other pipes with an elbow. TO connect the hose I added a hose thread to a coupling then to a 3/4 in to 1/4 inch CPVC adapter.

      Step 3: Improvements

      Picture of Improvements

      After I had seen that it worked I decided to make some improvements namely improving the height of the water at the end of the piping. To solve the problem I added another piece of undrilled CPVC to finish the rectangle so that the water would be the same height at the start as it is at the end.

      Step 4: Pictures!!

      Picture of Pictures!!


      theartfulbirder (author)2017-10-22

      That's adorable! I love the little clips of the chickens hanging out.

      Anonom (author)2017-10-22

      Wonderful ! It’s a good idea for if you need to clean the chickencage and need the chickens out of the way for a short time.

      pierrePiper (author)2017-10-14

      just joking and don't tell your sister, but if you used metal piping and infallable fuel and set light to it, it would keep the cats and dogs out AND cook the chickens at the same time.

      (I care for 8 hens by the way).

      pierrePiper (author)pierrePiper2017-10-14

      edit: inflammable. infallable is what my comment isn't.

      lukee1986 (author)2017-10-08

      go idea but what about water say after 5 minutes of a contiuess watering doesnt it create a puddle and does it stop the chickens or the cat because maybe u should rename the heading because if it doesnt stop the chickens it should be called cat water fence

      mrwonton (author)2017-10-07

      are chickens afraid of water?

      yes, plus our cat and dog don't like sprinklers

      inconceivable1 (author)2017-10-03

      nice use of html

      DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2017-10-03

      Clever. About how much water does this use?

      A spigot supplied ample water but other than that I don't know how much water it used

      ClenseYourPallet (author)2017-10-02

      That is extremely awesome! What a creative idea. Well done

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