You will make a razor phone holder.Say your hands are tired and you don't want to hold your phone put it on this stand.You can even charge it on it!!! In this instructable you will build a small stand for your Razor phone it will keep it in place and there is a latch so it won't move around a lot!
If you need a stand for your razor this is the right instructable for you!!!

Step 1: Get the Parts

You will need all of the parts to make the stand .look at the image notes to find out how many parts you can't tell all of the parts apart if I write them so look at the image notes to find out how many parts.

Step 2: The Holder Part

This holds your phone in place and this is what the phone leans on.

Step 3: Making the Base

this is what the holder is attatched to.

Step 4: Making the Clamp

this holds the top of the phone from wiggling and falling off the stand.

Step 5: Connect Everything

you will make the holder complete

Step 6: Connect the Holder

the razor holder will be complete.Now you are done leave any comments or suggestions:) You are done!!!May I suggest you can give this as a present to uncles,aunts,mom,dad or anyone with a cell phone or a Razor.
great design thats really good
is that the razor, the krzrk1, or the krzr k1m?<br />
If you can charge it, may I suggest the word "dock"? Looks good, and as if it works for other devices too!
Ok now that I think about it it does sound better as a dock then holder.
In this case.

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