Introduction: Spriss-Spriz-Spritz

A refreshing but "firm" drink that you will see the people in Venice enjoy in the late afternoon sun.

The spritz is an historical alcoholic drink from the days of the Austro-Hungarian domination in the Veneto (1800) .
Over the years there have been several changes made to make a real cocktail. Over the years the drink has quickly spread into other cities of the Veneto

Step 1:

put some ice cube and an orange slice into a glass

Step 2:

2 parts dry white wine

Step 3:

1 part italian bitter like Aperol ,Campari or Select

Step 4:

add a drop of Cinar (optional)
a firm squirt of sparkly mineral water

Step 5:

shake it!

Step 6:

serve with olive

Spritz with Campari or Cynar has a more bitter taste and they are served with a slice of lemon. Spritz made with Aperol(a low alcohol bitter) or Select is somewhat sweeter and served with orange.
Take care that the wine and the water are chilled well....

Cin Cin

Step 7:

Please drink responsibly

Special thanks to Miriam of "Hostaria da Boraccia" Salzano VE

forgive me for mistakes in the translation ;)



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    The Spritz!
    I was thinking about making an instructables about it too. But you had my very same idea. :)

    Ottimo lavoro ;)

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